Hubby Approved Salad

My husband is not the best when it comes to eating vegetables. Don’t get me wrong I am pretty bad at it as well but this salad will make you feel like your getting the best of both worlds. We are making Buffalo Chicken Salad on page 59 of the Dinnertime Cookbook.

I cooked the chicken in Franks Louisiana Buffalo Hot Sauce. Does a better hot sauce exist? I don’t think so but please let me know.

Her recipe calls for just chicken, lettuce and blue cheese dressing. Now, I don’t do blue cheese!!! People voluntarily eat cheese that is moldy? This will always baffle me. When I have a salad I want about ten different things on it. So what I did for my salad was tomatoes, feta, cucumber, red onion and avocado with ranch dressing. So so good! To get my husband to eat this and say he would eat it many more times is such a win for me. Anyone else have picky husbands? Just to give you a peak into my life he doesn’t like potatoes, cheese, mustard or beans. He is also not big on desserts. These are what make life worth living right? I use to not cook with any of these but then I realized…. MORE FOR ME!!!!

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