Cooking Mom Life

I know some moms will be on the exact same page as me when it comes to cooking with a toddler and a baby. IT IS HARD! My sweet little two year old grabs my pioneer woman cookbook turns to the chocolate chip cookie page and says this “Mom we make the cookies like the girl (points to Ree) please please please. How can I refuse that she is adorable! The problem is she always wants to help with every aspect and that means flour and sugar everywhere.

So my kitchen ends up looking like this. It doesn’t matter though because we are making memories.

This recipe is Chocolate Chunk Cookies on page 357 of the Dinnertime Pioneer Woman cookbook

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Delcious Scale 8 out of 10

Husband Delicious Scale 8 of 10

Prep Time- Like an hour and a half because you have to freeze it

Clean up was quite messy thanks to Lexi

Any recipe that starts with brown butter has to be good right? Browning butter is so easy and adds a ton more flavor to everything you add it too. Swirl it around until it starts to form a white foam on top. It takes about one more minute after this but keep it moving. When it gets a really light brown take it off the heat because it will get darker even after you take it off. So easy right?

It is so hard to wait to eat these because you have to freeze them first. This is super important so the cookies don’t spread out too much. Wrap it in seran wrap in a cylinder shape. They turned out great! Approved by everyone and my two year old was one happy camper!!

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