Freezer Chili

Our days have been so full lately. I have a toddler and a 3 month old. Both me and my husband lead bible studies on Mondays. I play city league volleyball two times during the week. Oh and did I forget to mention I have a full time job. I got tired just writing that. So I am so greatful that there is a whole section in this cookbook devoted to freezer meals to make your life easier. Today is all about the chili! I usually just like to eat chili and totally forget that you can put it on top of all sorts of other food to make it even better. Sunday is a perfect day for getting ahead for the week.

Ready-To-Go Chili Packets
Delicious Scale- 9 out of 10
Husband Delicious Scale- 9 out of 10
Prep Time- 30 minutes
Clean up- One pan, this means one happy husband
I started with browning the meat on the stove top.IMG_3972
We got 1/3 of a cow from my father in law about a year ago and we are barely running out of the ground meat now. There is nothing better then getting meat when you know exactly what that cow ate. So jealous of Ree living on a cattle ranch she gets fresh beef all the time. This is a traditional tomato based chili but she adds masa as a thickening agent. What a good idea! My bean of choice are pinto and black beans. I thought that this chili would be really spicy because it has 1/4 cup chili powder in it but it just adds a wonderful flavor.  Of course right when you make it you have to have a bowl full of chili with a side of delicious corn bread that my daughter helped me make.IMG_3978

Of course I had to get her an apron for how much she has been helping me lately.  My perfect bowl of chili has sour cream and cheese. I would add avocado, cilantro and green onions as well if I had it in my fridge.  IMG_3979

My husband on the other hand likes it plain and boring.

Ree recommends putting this in zip lock bags and freezing it to take out for a quick dinner.  This is the ideas she has for the chili.  Loaded nachos, chili cheese hot dogs or chili cheese burgers.  I only tried one and that was the loaded nachos.

Loaded Nachos


I put the chili on top of tortilla chips with cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo and green onion.  So delicious and so easy to make when you already have the chili on hand.  Does anyone else put chili on top of anything else.  I have been reading about a lot of weird combinations recently, like Cheetos with milk.  Gross!  Love to hear about yours.

Happy Cooking


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