Grilling Up Some Ribs

Ribs are one of my dad’s favorite meals, so of course I had to make some for when they come over for dinner. It’s best to plan ahead of time when you’re making ribs whether you want to brine them or just have them sit in the spices all night. I chose not to brine this time around but the one I use for every meat I do consists of brown sugar, salt and water. This time I put the spices on the ribs over night.

The spice mixture- brown sugar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, a little cumin, paprika, chili powder. Wrap it in Saran Wrap and leave it in the fridge over night.

There are so many combinations of cooking ribs that are delicious.

Smoking and then grilling

Smoking only

Smoking then baking

Baking then grilling


Depends what you are in the mood for that day. I decided to go with baking and grilling them because I love low and slow cooking but with a char taste at the end.

Cook at 275 for 2-3 hours with the ribs wrapped in foil. It comes out looking like this

Put your favorite BBQ sauce over the top and throw on the grill.

For any of you that follow me know that I have an issue with burning things and lighting things on fire. I haven’t been up-keeping my BBQ so I turned on all four burners for the grill which lit the grease on the bottom of the BBQ on fire. It wasn’t huge, just had to run inside and put baking soda all over it haha. I swear I have so many more issues than a normal person. Anyways, just grill the ribs long enough to get a little color so they don’t lose their juiciness.

These were absolutely delicious and my father loved them. He even said they were better than the ones he had at a restaurant the other night. Yay! Daughter win!

Let me know your favorite way to cook ribs and different spice mixtures I love trying new ones!!

Happy Cooking

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