More Mexican Food

After Chile Rellenos I have to continue down the Mexican path. Who doesn’t love chicken enchiladas it such an easy dish. I love casserole type dishes to make on Sundays so my family has something to eat during the week while I’m at work since I dont get home tell 6:30. Without these unfortunately it would be PB & J’s or Mac & cheese for dinner. Haha! Anyways we will be making Chicken Enchiladas on page 241 and Pico De Gallo on page 23 of the Dinnertime Cookbook.

Chicken Enchiladas

Delicious Scale 7 out of 10

Husband Delicious Scale 7 out of 10

Prep Time- 1 hour 10 minutes

Clean up- was quite a bit on this one but it was nice that you cook the chicken, onions and enchilada sauce in one pan

First off you cook the chicken in a saute pan. Of course it has cumin on it, this is one of Ree’s favorite spices and a common staple in Mexican cooking. But I hate it!!! I blame this on cooking falafel at the restaurant that I worked at which had a ton of cumin and coriander with herbs. The worst Mediterranean dish in my mind but people love it. Anyways I still put cumin on the chicken and it was good. When the chicken is done cooking take it out and shred it. Then put the onions in the pan to caramelize in all the flavor that the chicken left behind. Take the onions out and pour in the green enchilada sauce. Now this is the part I wasn’t a big fan of. You dip a corn tortilla in the enchilada sauce and stuff it with chicken, cheddar jack cheese and onions. Roll this up and put in a baking dish that you have put a little bit of the enchilada sauce in the bottom of. This was a lot of work and so messy. When I make these again I will definitely layer everything instead. Once the rolls are done top with some more enchilada sauce and cheese.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes

I also made some Pico De Gallo to top the enchiladas with.

Pico De Gallo

Delicious Scale- 9 out of 10

Husband Delcious Scale- 9 out of 10

Combine equal parts tomatoes, onion, jalapeno and cilantro. Add salt and pepper with fresh lime juice. I went out to my herb garden again to get the cilantro and this is what I find.

I guess you need to water herbs? Haha! I struggled with these all summer it seemed like no matter what they did not have enough water. If anyone has any tips for next year I am all ears. In the mean time its cilantro in a tube that I will have to use for this dish. The pico was so delicious though we ate it on the chicken I made a couple days ago, the enchiladas and just for a snack with chips.

I somehow forgot to take a picture until half way through eating it. I was starving. I paired this with some grilled corn that I put butter, salt, pepper and paprika. The enchiladas had great flavor but I like the layered ones better so I get an equal bite of tortilla and filling all in one bite. Have fun cooking and don’t forget to include your children they love to help.

Happy Cooking

14 thoughts on “More Mexican Food

      1. I think it’s way too shallow for flowers or herb. Maybe leaf lettuce or possibly spinach, if you moved it so it only got a couple of hours of morning sun or evening sun. Can’t tell what your soil mix is, but a potting mix with moisture crystal would help.
        Another thought is to rebuild it or take out a couple of shelves so there is a foot or so between shelves, line the remaining boxes with foil and set smaller (6″) pots of herbs in it. The foil would act as a water reservoir to hold a 1/4-1/2″ of water at all times, so your plants would always have water available. Sorry, I hope you aren’t offended. I’m a Master Gardener and I teach about container gardening.

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      2. Awe, thank you! Mine aren’t nearly as good as they used to be or could be, because of neglect. But if I was able, I would be out there from dawn to dusk. I’d rather dig in the dirt than cook and clean. Unfortunately, I can’t handle the heat and humidity anymore. But I love young people taking such an interest in gardening!

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      3. I just don’t have the time that a garden requires right now that’s probably another reason why my garden didn’t work. I just had my second child three months ago so she is taking most of my attention which is good. It will be better when they get a little older so they can help me.

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