I am not very good at fashion but I am trying to improve that’s why I thought I would tell you guys about this site that helps me improve my style

For those of us that love new clothes but don’t have a decent place to shop within a three hour radius this is a great solution. I will be telling you about stitch fix. Use this link and you will get a discount for your first box. Stitch Fix

So this is for men and women of any size and almost any style. This can include undergarments, pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, dress attire for men, casual attire, jewelry, shoes and purses. What more could you possibly need.

Let’s start with the profile that you do. They ask you lots of questions to know everything you like about your look. This goes from style, what part of your body you like to show off, if your dressy or casual, if you like form fitting or loose and examples of the different styles they offer.

I was skeptical about this especially since I hate returning things and I’m terrible at it. Honestly I have received two boxes so far and I haven’t had to return a single thing. It is my perfect style and fit! It usually comes with 5-6 items and if there is anything you don’t like just send it back within three days and you won’t get charged for that.

Best part there is no subscription it’s free and you just order a box whenever you want one. Also I recently learned that if something is the wrong size just send it back and you can tell them you need another one. No charge. If you think this is expensive it is not because you can choose your price range.

Try it out!

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