Quick & Easy Apple Tart

Well I’m back at it and going to start with dessert because why not? With a week of eating healthy I’m refreshed and ready to go. I would love it if anyone wants to follow along in this cookbook with me. Here’s the link. Dinnertime Pioneer Woman Cookbook

Or occasionally I will get some of my recipes from one of her other cookbooks.  This one has amazing desserts. Come & Get It Pioneer Woman Cookbook

Quick & Easy Apple Tart

Page 344 in the Dinnertime Pioneer Woman Cookbook

Delicious Scale- 8 out of 10

Husband Delicious Scale- 6 out of 10

Prep Time- 30 minutes

Clean up- Easy, three dishes and you put parchment paper on the pan that you cook the tart on so its perfectly clean

I love any dessert with apple, probably because I think I’m eating a little healthy. Truth be told I am not.  This tart starts with some store bought frozen puff pastry, which is so versatile I love to keep it in the freezer.  You can use it for appetizers or desserts to make in a flash. I used one sheet and cut it in half.  Place the two halves on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  I finally learned to put parchment paper or foil on my pans.  Its a miracle!

Then a slice the apples on a mandoline.  This is a total time savor.  This can cut all sorts of different ways, its perfect for making the perfect French fry cut.  Here a link to the one I use, it is super user friendly.  Mandoline


After you slice the apples toss them in brown sugar, lemon juice and salt.  I let them sit in this for about 10 minutes.  Next arrange the apples along the puff pastry leaving at least 1/4 of an inch around the sides.IMG_4138

This cooks for 20 minutes at 425 but I would actually cook it a little less, it got quite brown on the bottom.  Then I topped this with her caramel sauce and it is supposed to have pecans but I hate all nuts.  I know I’m weird my friends tell me all the time.  They all just taste like dirt to me.

This is what it looks like after.IMG_4139

I thought it was delicious but my husband wasn’t really on board.  He thought it was hard to eat and not that good.  Men! So hard to impress.  Anyways it does look beautiful and will probably impress your friends for a party.

Happy Cooking!

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