First Attempt at a Yule Log

How beautiful are yule logs? But who else is SUPER intimidated by making one?? I thought to myself if I can barely keep a round cake together how in the world can I roll a cake up and expect it to stay together? Here is the trick. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Put the ugly side on the inside of the roll and no one will ever know. So I used a box red velvet cake mix because I’m lazy.

Take a cookie sheet pan and spray it with pam, then line it with parchment paper and spray it again. Then poor your cake mix in. I cooked it a little shorter than it called for because it was so thin. Let it cool for 10 minutes in the pan and flip it over. Once it was out I took the parchment off and flipped it again onto seran wrap. You want the pretty side against the seran wrap. Cut off the top of the cake so it is perfectly flat. Now fill with about 1/2 inch thick buttercream icing. I will put the recipe for this at the bottom of this post. It is pretty much the best buttercream ever!! Life changing! Now lift up your seran wrap and start to roll. Pull back the seran wrap slowly as you roll it up. When you are all rolled up wrap it tight in seran wrap so it stays together and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Unwrap and if its not perfect like mine cover it in powdered sugar.

Look how beautiful. Not to toot my own horn but I’m super proud of myself for this. Something I thought I would never be able to do.

Plus if you bring it to a party like I did everyone comments on how great it is.

Best Butter cream

1 1/2 cups sugar

1 1/2 cups butter

1 1/2 cups milk

4 1/2 Tablespoons flour

First heat together the milk and flour to make a gravy like consistency. Do not walk away from the stove stir the whole time until it’s thick. Take this off the heat and let it cool completely. That step is very important because if you don’t you’ll have lumpy butter cream. While that cools mix together the butter and sugar. Then with the mixer on add a little bit of the flour and milk mixture at a time. Mix on medium for 5 minutes. Literally 5 minutes! Set a timer!

This recipe has been in my family forever. For every single birthday in my family we make red velvet with buttercream icing. We look forward to it all year.

Try something new you might be pleasantly surprised with the awesome things your capable of.

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