Croissant French Toast

How amazing does this sound? Its like french toast on steroids. I had some left over croissants from some sandwiches I made earlier in the week and needed to find something to do with them. One of the reasons why I love the Pioneer Womans Cookbooks is because she always has a recipe for something I have on hand. I can always open her book and make something. This recipe is from the Dinnertime Pioneer Woman Cookbook. You can get yours here:

Dinnertime Pioneer Woman Cookbook

This recipe is on page 13. Just make your regular french toast but with croissant bread instead. Now I will admit I don’t really like any breakfast food. Especially french toast! I think it tastes like soggy bread. GROSS! Utter honesty over here. This recipe I was actually able to eat though. Probably because croissants are one of the best things ever invented. Could be the butter? On the plus side my 3 year old daughter was in heaven. She loved it!

Top with strawberries and syrup and you are done. I did love how easy this was.

What I wonder is who came up with french toast in the first place? Was it the French? Seems like a weird concept to say hey let me soak this bread in milk and egg and put it on a flat top. What are your thoughts?

Happy Cooking!

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