Croissant French Toast

How amazing does this sound? Its like french toast on steroids. I had some left over croissants from some sandwiches I made earlier in the week and needed to find something to do with them. One of the reasons why I love the Pioneer Womans Cookbooks is because she always has a recipe for something … Continue reading Croissant French Toast

Turkey Burgers and Roasted Asparagus

Turkey burgers always use to scare me for some reason. I always thought why would you eat a turkey burger when you could eat a regular burger. Well for one it is healthier and for two they are so delicious. I went off of a couple different recipes and combined them all to make my … Continue reading Turkey Burgers and Roasted Asparagus

It’s Party Time! Fried Wings, Kale Salad, Corn Dip

My go to when we have people over is some sort of dip and when it comes to having my husbands family over it is always fried wings as well. Whenever we eat really unhealthy things I feel like I must through a salad in there somewhere. So kale and sweet potato salad it is. … Continue reading It’s Party Time! Fried Wings, Kale Salad, Corn Dip